Sullivan Design offers practical solutions and family values

By Matlin Smith @msmith_lcsun on Twitter

Bryan Sullivan, owner of Sullivan Design LLC in Las Cruces.

Bryan Sullivan, owner of Sullivan Design LLC in Las Cruces, stands in front of his office at 1990 E. Lohman, Suite 103, where he offers Web development, graphic design, print solutions, and brand and identity services. (Steve MacIntyre — For the Sun-News)

LAS CRUCES >> Bryan Sullivan’s parents used to tell him how beautiful Las Cruces was.

“So I checked it out for myself, fell in love with the place and now I’m here,” he said. “Right now, I’m doing as much networking as possible and meeting new people.”

After starting his own business, Sullivan Design LLC, in St. Louis, Missouri, Sullivan moved his business and his two children, Jacob, 5, and Jackson, 13, to the Mesilla Valley, where he’s been offering web development, graphic design, print solutions, and brand and identity services for more than four years.

Sullivan is a business man’s business man and said the important aspect of his business is creating practical solutions for his clients.

“I think that’s what makes me different,” he said. “I’m not so much interested in aesthetics as I am in functionality. I want to build solutions in brands that will improve their sales.”

Specializing search engine optimization, which helps the business become more visible during online searches, Sullivan recently built the website for an irrigation supply company and increased their business more than 30 percent.

He also has found a niche customer base in mental health and wellness, organizations he builds blogs and websites for so they can better provide resources to their clients.

“I’m a creative that has the business’ best interest in mind fully,” he said of his philosophy.

Another facet of his business practice includes working with the customer in what he called an “open forum” environment.

“I don’t sell things and services that I don’t think they need. I think it’s a waste of their time and it’s a waste of my time,” he said.

All of Sullivan’s services, from the labor to the design, are offered at one price determined by the client’s needs and without the hassle of adding extra payments on for the myriad services, he said.

“I try to keep my principals based on family values,” he added.

Those family values, Sullivan said, stem from the earliest years of his life.

Born in San Luis de la Reina in El Salvador in 1980 at the height of the country’s civil war, Sullivan said he was born into violence.

“They would actually have the death squad come in there and kill everyone in the village,” he said.

Sullivan was one of very few babies who arrived from El Salvador in the U.S. through adoption in almost perfect health.

He was adopted into the French-Irish family of Bob and Mary Sullivan and grew up in Massachusetts.

“I think what gave me the solid foundation is the adoption itself. I’ve had to learn over the years how to familiarize myself with different situations, different surroundings,” he said. “I was fortunate enough to be raised by my parents and they taught me how to be self sufficient and how to enjoy life. Being in Las Cruces has certainly helped in the matter of enjoying life.”

Outside of the office

And to enjoy life, Sullivan does a little bit of everything when he’s not at his office.

“I like to go hiking. It’s a new found love affair I have since I now have a place to hike,” he said. “In the city, you don’t hike, you try not to get mugged.”

While, with a heavy Boston accent, he can’t pronounce some of the mountains, like Tortugas, he said he likes to spend time each day walking their trails and enjoys the solitude and silence he finds there.

A fitness buff, Sullivan said he likes being active, exercising and lifting weights, but he also likes going out and enjoying Las Cruces’ art culture and taking his sons on road trips to see area attractions.

“I try to keep a balance of everything,” he said.

Oh yeah, he cooks, too.

“I love, love to cook. I make great pastas and I do a mean prime rib,” he said.

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