Creativity is already stirring in young Bryan as he plays with a puppet near his home in Massachusetts.

Creativity is already stirring in young Bryan as he plays with a puppet near his home in Massachusetts.

For Bryan Sullivan, the path to the American Dream did not begin as it does for most. Bryan was born in war-ravaged El Salvador in 1980. After his birth, Bryan was orphaned, and at six months old, he was flown to the United States and put up for adoption. He was adopted by the Sullivan family before he was one in Massachusetts.

The Sullivan family is of Irish and French descent and Bryan adapted to his new surroundings, but always felt out of place in a world where he always looked different. His upbringing would teach Bryan to be self-sufficient and motivated.

At 17, Bryan was given a book on vintage advertising by his mentor, Lou Myers. The book opened up a new world for Bryan, and instantly, he fell in love. His new found passion would eventually expand his creative mind into a career leading him to owning his own business, Sullivan Design.

Bryan started working as a Desktop Publisher for Phoenix Learning Group, an educational multi-media company in St. Louis, MO, while studying at Sanford Brown College, where he graduated in 2002. Bryan was promoted to Creative Director within three years. Bryan continued to fine tune his trade, and after 13 years with Phoenix Learning Group, Sullivan Design was born. Phoenix Learning Group was his first client!

As his professional career advanced, there was always something missing from Bryan’s personal life. In 2012, Bryan came to Las Cruces, NM to visit his parents, and once again fell in love and found what he was missing. Las Cruces would be his new home and headquarters for Sullivan Design.

In Las Cruces, Bryan saw an opportunity to fill a full-service design niche in Southern New Mexico. Businesses in Las Cruces and Southern New Mexico have welcomed Sullivan Design with its new and fresh design ideas.

Bryan has established his business and home with his two children, Jackson (12) and Jacob (5) after a long, winding road that lead him from El Salvador to Massachusetts to St. Louis and now in Las Cruces.

Bryan is living the American Dream and with Sullivan Design he wants others to live it as well.